CFO to Small Business

It's not just about the numbers, we know what your business needs. 


CFO to Small Business was started in July 2011 in Pleasanton, CA and is owned and operated by Dwayne Redmon. Mr. Redmon's extensive financial experience makes him uniquely qualified to operate as the CFO for several small businesses. He works with each company to provide financial consulting and management customized to the needs of the company. CFO to Small Business is the best option for many small business owners who may not have the financial experience or expertise necessary to make needed decisions to prosper. Contact CFO to Small Business today for your small business financial needs. 



CFO to Small Business guides business to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. CFO will forecast future performance for your business and help you manage cash flow by preparing for situations that could result in cash shortages, such as seasonal fluctuations in revenue. 


CFO to Small Business will create timely relevant information to drive good business decisions. This information will allow business managers to collect information that encourages strategic planning, helps them set realistic goals and encourages efficient directing of company resources and year-end tax returns. 


CFO to Small Business will manage cash inflow and outflow to ensure your company generates adequate cash to meet its daily, monthly, and annual needs. 


Using your company's financial and operational data, CFO to Small Business will analyze, organize, and supervise your business' operations. 



CFO to Small Business helped us make smart financial decisions during our start-up; their hands on consulting continues to help us meet our company's goals for growth. 

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