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Financial consulting that

suit your needs

  • Create customized financial business models

  • Develop short-term and long-term financial and operational business plans for start-ups and ongoing operations

  • Assess the financial impact of strategic initiatives, including cost and pricing strategies; quantify all assumptions

  • Implement departmental budgeting and variance reporting

  • Perform financial ratio analyses

  • Identify and monitor key business metrics; create dashboard

  • Install and implement QuickBooks and other systems

  • Reconcile balance sheet accounts

  • Analyze and interpret financial statements

  • Implement productivity and time tracking 

  • Create daily, weekly, monthly management reports

  • Define needed back-office staffing requirements

  • Interview, train, and mentor in-house accounting staff

  • Manage the annual review or audit process; liaison with CPA

  • Ensure books are ready for year-end tax return preparation

  • Oversee all finance and accounting functions

  • Develop cash flow projections

  • Accelerate billings and collections processes

  • Help secure a bank line of credit

  • Maintain banking and loan relations, including reporting requirements and debt covenants

  • Invest excess cash balances while maintaining liquidity

  • Recommend areas for improvement; introduce best practices

  • Design and/or modify operational processes to meet changing needs due to reorganization, growth, and attrition

  • Review current business agreements with customers and/or suppliers; suggest changes when appropriate 

  • Review corporate insurance policies for adequate and appropriate coverage 

  • Assist with contract compliance and pricing negotiations with customers and suppliers

  • Review and organize all corporate records and agreements

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